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Between pounding the pavement on the sidewalks of Manhattan and wearing tight shoes, you may be prone to developing calluses. While making a shoe change may help improve the rough, thick skin, if your callus is causing pain, Vito La Puma, DPM and the podiatric specialists at Healthy Step Podiatry, with an office located in Midtown East and the Financial District of New York City, can evaluate it and provide treatment to reduce your pain and smooth out your skin. For expert foot care from a team that wants every step you take to be your best, call the office today or request an appointment online.

Callus Q & A

What is a callus?

A callus is a thickened, rough layer of skin that develops as a means of protection against friction. Calluses most often develop on the feet or hands.

A callus isn’t the same thing as a corn. Although they both develop on the feet, corns tend to develop on the part of your foot that doesn’t bear weight and usually have a hard center that may be painful.

A callus, on the other hand, usually develops on the weight-bearing portion of your foot and doesn’t usually cause pain. Calluses also tend to be larger than corns.

You may be at risk of developing a callus if you wear shoes that are too tight or decide to go sockless. Foot deformities, such as bunions and hammertoes, may also increase your risk.

When should I seek medical help for my callus?

If your callus is causing pain, you should contact the specialists at Healthy Step Podiatry for an evaluation. You should also seek help from the podiatric experts if you have a medical condition that affects blood flow to your feet or you have diabetes.

If you have diabetes, you are at risk of foot problems due to both nerve damage that makes it hard for you to “feel” if something is wrong and also a decrease in blood flow that may increase your risk of infection.

What is the treatment for calluses?

The experienced team at Healthy Step Podiatry develop individualized treatment plans for your callus based on your symptoms and medical history. If you have diabetes or poor blood flow to your feet, your specialist may shave the callus off your foot to relieve discomfort and reduce risk of complications. Your specialist may also provide callus removing medication to help smooth out your rough, thick patch of skin.

If you’re prone to developing calluses, your specialist can custom make an orthotic to relieve the pressure point on your foot and reduce the development of a callus.

If a foot deformity is responsible for the development of your calluses, surgery to repair the deformity may resolve the issue. The full-service podiatry office has an in-house surgical center called New York Podiatry Surgical Suite, PLLC, and can perform many surgeries at the office.

Calluses are common but shouldn’t cause discomfort. For management of your callus to improve the look and health of your foot, call Healthy Step Podiatry today or request an appointment online.


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